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SWARM | Sweep
Get a complete assessment of your environment and prioritized roadmap to reduce vulnerability exposure.

Get Paranoid

We help you discover vulnerabilities on every IP address in your environment using our advanced vulnerability scanning technology covering layers 2 to 7, and more than 155,000 threat vectors, almost double that of most other commercial tools.
By combining an automated network and application vulnerability scan and manual validation by the Swarm, you get complete visibility of your vulnerability risks.

But most importantly, our prioritized remediation roadmap helps you to fix issues faster and more effectively by focusing on a smaller number of vulnerabilities that cover 80% of risks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use this service?

For customers that wants a comprehensive view across their technology environment. Our vulnerability scanning services can cover both internal and external IP addresses.

Why is your scanning technology more powerful?

Our partnership with Cybereye provides us with advanced vulnerability scanning technology with more than 155,000 threat vectors, covering layers 2 to 7. This is a much more powerful scanner compared to most other commercial offerings that covers between 75,000 – 90,000 threat vectors. Cybereye’s research collaborations with various agencies worldwide provides access to proprietary threat data that are not available to other commercial solutions.

How do you perform internal scanning?

We will ship a hardened appliance to be installed on-premise, with one network interface in the DMZ and the other in the internal network to be scanned. Our team will VPN into the appliance to deliver the service.

How long do you retain the vulnerability data?

We delete the vulnerability data once the customer has acknowledged and accepted the vulnerability report.