The Swarm

Wei Chieh Lim, Chief Executive

Wei Chieh Lim, Chief Executive


Cybersecurity and technology risk leader with 25 years of broad experience. Worked on HP’s first A6 printer in the 90s, managed HP Asia Pacific’s internet infrastructure and CIRT, served as IT auditor for 3M companies across Asia Pacific, assisted clients with SOX compliance with Protiviti, PCI practice lead for Asia in Verizon Business, and established the KPMG Cyber Security Centre in Singapore with IDA. Engaged with companies in more than 25 cities across Asia Pacific, U.S., Europe and Africa.


Herman Stevens, Chief Research

Herman Stevens, Chief Research

Loves technology, diving, travelling, photography and Belgian Trappist beers. Took countless radios and TVs apart to study their internals from the age of 5. Never really interested to put them back together. Started programming on a TI58 calculator, followed by a ZX Spectrum and an Amiga. Installed Slackware Linux from 24 floppy disks. First Usenet post on 24/09/1990. Former developer, security consultant and PCI auditor.

Core Team

Our core team is based in Singapore and consists of professionals with qualifications in Offensive Security Certified Professionals (OSCP) and CREST Registered Penetration Tester (CRT).

Elastic Team

More than 50 security researchers across the globe. Our members are vetted, ranked in the top 100 on popular bug bounty platforms, and collectively published more than 100 CVEs. Most are accredited with professional qualifications including  OSCP, OSCE, OSWE, CRT and CEH.

Yes, we are CREST accredited

CREST Penetration Testing (VAPT)

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