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What is Phishing Simulation?

A phishing simulation test is a simulated phishing attack that trains your employees to identify signs of a phishing email and to be more aware of such attacks. While there are various technology solutions to reduce the susceptibility of users to phishing attacks, ongoing simulated phishing attack and security awareness training remains one of the most critical cyber defense against email compromises.

Phishing attacks are a leading cause of data breaches. Criminals use social engineering techniques to trick users into providing sensitive information such as credit card information and login credentials. Training your employees to recognize phishing attacks equips them with the knowledge to be your best line of defense.

Cywareness Attack Simulation and Training Platform

We deliver Cywareness phishing simulation and awareness training platform for customers looking to increase their employees’ understanding of cybersecurity threats by exposing them to the most relevant real world cybercrime scenarios on an ongoing basis.

Phishing Campaign

Hundreds of phishing templates

Our solution provides hundreds of phish testing templates that covers attack campaigns related to social networks, utilities and services, business applications and more.

The easy-to-use campaign creator allows you to start new phishing campaigns in just a few minutes.

Instant Micro Training

Instant micro training

Employees who fall for a fake phishing message will receive instant micro-training, showing them what they missed and what to look for in the future.

By providing this instant training, the employee’s awareness level will rise, ensuring the organization is in safe hands if they ever face a genuine phishing email.

Company Dashboard

Full visibility of campaign analytics

Get analytics of each simulated attack, from opening an email to inserting data into our phishing page. You can also analyze the performance of each employee, team, department, or even a specific office, and compare your employee’s performance to previous campaigns.

Programs and Libraries

Comprehensive libraries and programs

We have a comprehensive library of more than a hundred training videos, newsletters and quizzes classified by learning topics and levels. New training modules and content is uploaded every week.

There are also predefined and customizable phishing simulation training programs to keep employees engaged throughout the year.

Phishing Report

Engage your employees as part of your cyber defense

Transform your employees from potential areas of weakness to your strongest defense against cyber attacks.

Our report button empowers your employees to react instantly to potential threats including phishing emails  and business email compromise (BEC) attacks by sending an incident report to your security team.

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