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What is Cyber Exposure Management?

A cyber exposure management program helps you focus your resources on the most important security issues. Based on identified exposures on your external attack surface, security teams can prioritize your cybersecurity risk management and vulnerability management programs to focus on areas with the highest potential business impact.

Board of Cyber’s Security Rating®

We deliver Board of Cyber’s Security Rating® for customers looking to manage their cyber exposure. The non-intrusive and fully automated solution continuously assesses your cyber risk and rates the cyber maturity for your company and third-party ecosystem.

Effective and continuous risk assessments can help determine your security posture, implement vulnerability prioritization, and determine security risks including potential risk of ransomware, phishing attacks and others. Benchmark your security rating against your peers and companies globally.

Board of Cyber Dashboard

Rate your cyber maturity and that of your ecosystem

Our solution provides an automated rating updated daily based on data that is publicly accessible. The rating is based on an analysis of six security domains across your company’s exposed assets to determine the cyber risk level.

  • Vulnerabilities
  • Attack surface
  • Messaging
  • Web TLS/SSL
  • Security control
  • Dark web security incidents

The platform includes qustionnaires that can be used to assess your company and third-parties against security requirements, with the results integrated into the overall security rating.

Ecosystem Dashboard

Manage your ecosystem of trust

Our solution provides single or multi-company dashboards to visualise the performance of your company and/or your partners. Sector benchmarking helps you understand how your cyber maturity compares against your peers.

You can download summary reports for your executive management and also detailed reports with observations, recommendations and prioritization to help your security team improve your cyber performance.

Observables Dashboard

Improve your cyber performance

Our solution provides concrete and detailed explanations of every detected problem, as well as recommendations and best practices for each area of analysis. Based on the levels of severity, you can identify what actions need to be prioritized for your cyber exposures.

About Board of Cyber

Board of Cyber

Board of Cyber is part of the Hifield group and a French company with a mission to create a cyber trust ecosystem by inspiring organisations to continuously improve their cyber performance.

Label France Cybersecurity 2022

Board of Cyber’s Security Rating® has received the France Cyber Security Label which offers to users a guarantee of a high-quality product and n a service provided only by a European independent company. You can find the product in Frace Cyber Security 2022 catalogue.

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