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SWARM | Nonstop
Get a proactive layer of continuous vulnerability discovery for your critical web or mobile applications.

Get Proactive

We onboard your application with a baseline penetration test using our advanced vulnerability scanning technology and sophisticated manual techniques to hunt for hard-to-find vulnerabilities.

Most importantly, our prioritized remediation roadmap helps you to fix issues faster and more effectively by focusing on a smaller number of vulnerabilities that cover 80% of risks.

After the baseline is completed, we move into the ongoing vulnerability discovery phase where we provide you with a report whenever the Swarm detects vulnerabilities on your web or mobile applications. Prices are based on application classification as follows:

Transactional: Involves financial transactions

Interactive: Involves account logins

Informational: Everything else


Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use this service?

For customers that have identified their business critical web or mobile applications, and wants to ensure that any vulnerabilities are detected on an ongoing basis.

How do you alert me of critical vulnerabilities?

We send an alert with the encrypted vulnerability report to the registered primary and secondary email address.

How long do you retain the vulnerability data?

We delete the vulnerability data once the customer has acknowledged and accepted the vulnerability report.

How fast must I respond?

Customers must accept or reject the vulnerability report in 48 hours (business days) or the report will automatically be considered accepted.

When do I pay?

Payment for the onboarding fee should be made upfront before we activate the service. After the baseline penetration test is completed, customers will pay for the subscription fee on a monthly basis.