Elevate Your Vulnerability Discovery

Not Knowing is Not Okay

See the Difference

Take the Challenge

Be First to Know

Don’t Let Bad Guys Find Your Vulnerabilities First

One of the biggest fear for any security team is not knowing you have a critical flaw until it’s too late. The cybercriminals have walked out the door and left you scratching your head as to how they got in and out. Today, early warning of vulnerabilities that can result in catastrophic impact is invaluable.

Be Vigilant

Don’t Let Security Bugs Breed into an Infestation

Given today’s accelerated code deployment model, software vulnerabilities are introduced at a faster rate and remain exposed while waiting for the next penetration testing. A “continuous” testing model for your critical systems is now a must to flatten and stay ahead of the vulnerability curve.

Be Thorough

Don’t Let Your Weakest Link Be Your Downfall

An initial compromise of an unrelated system often provides a foothold for cybercriminals to move laterally and exploit trust relationships as they work towards your critical systems. Knowing and fixing your critical vulnerabilities across all connected systems may now be the only reasonable approach.

Our Expertise

We specialize in application Security
Application Penetration Testing

Application Vulnerability Assessment

Application Controls Review

Secure Design Review

Secure Code Review

Threat Modeling Consulting

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Expertise + Technology

Why We Are Different

We have designed an engagement model that recognizes the advantages and deficiencies of the in-house, outsourcing and bug bounty approaches to penetration testing. Our hybrid approach coupled with advanced technology brings greater effectiveness and efficiency to your vulnerability discovery process.

Real Expertise

We engage white hats based on the number of CVEs, bug bounty rankings, etc.

Advanced Scanner

We detect vulnerabilities using more than 155K+ threat vectors at layers 2 to 7.

Secured Platform

We direct all testing traffic through a secured and monitored platform.

Actionable Results

We provide pragmatic results based on strict scoring and reporting standards.

Our Mission

Eliminate All Vulnerabilities

If security risk is a function of cyber threats exploiting security weaknesses to cause harm, we believe that taking care of your vulnerabilities is the only factor firmly within your control. Eliminate vulnerabilities and you are on the path to eliminate cybersecurity risk.

Web and Mobile Applications

Standard Application Penetration Testing Service


Just need a web or mobile application penetration testing? We offer a transparent pricing structure based on the type of application: Transactional – Involves financial transactions; Interactive – Involves account logins; and Informational – Everything else.

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